Composite Editor named University of California Research Ambassador

I'll be talking about this a little more in Issue 3, but let's populate this blog, shall we?

On Thursday, I had the honor of being named an Undergraduate Research Ambassador for the University of California. My friend Bianca (Issue 2's cover girl!) and I were nominated by my campus to represent UCSB's undergraduate research community in addition to the UC's research endeavors at large. We kept wondering how we had been chosen out of the many, many leaders on campus--all our friends!--but it's thanks to the wonderful mentors we have in every department and in the research community on campus.

Students were nominated from almost every UC campus, and we had the chance to share our work with some of the movers and shakers in the UC alumni network. Events like these are meant to communicate how important publicly funded research is to the California economy, and to the world at large. Science is most trusted when it's publicly funded, but that importance can be lost on people who feel that research is far-removed from their lives.

So it's an honor to be an ambassador to the public in this regard, but really ALL of us are research ambassadors. As undergraduates, graduate students, AAAS fellows, faculty, mentors, and science enthusiasts in our communities. I really believe much of the anti-science sentiment around us could be changed if more people saw that science is conducted by real people like them. Women, chican@s, young people, LGBT people, people from all economic backgrounds, people from all across the country...not crazy old people who think they're better than everyone else.

Scientists are invested in and concerned with the same things that everyone else in the world is. So that's part of our job, and it's one that I'm excited Composite can help with