System + Surroundings = Universe

Composite believes that this is more than just a thermodynamic principle. We are more than just the thing we get paid to do: even scientists have hobbies and people that we love.

More than that, Composite believes that energy that's diverted from one area of our lives to another isn't energy lost. Whatever energy appears to be lost in the System goes into the Surroundings, and the total energy of the Universe is the same.

So what makes up your Universe? #SYSTEMANDSURROUNDINGS

In SYSTEM // SURROUNDINGS We are looking for stories about how one aspect of your life influences the other. Does our pursuit of science help our creative endeavors, and vice versa? Have you ever put so much energy in to your scientific life that it's detracted from everything else? Have you had a personal pursuit take away from, or add to, your scientific exploration? 

When the environment changes around you, how have you responded? How do you go through each phase of your life as a scientist and as a person, but maintain your identity? What are those transitions like: from high school to college, from college to the working world, from undergraduate student to graduate researcher?

Issue 04 Submission Deadline: JUNE 1, 2018

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