TUNEZ2018: May



Can't Stand It - The Velvet Underground

I started listening to the Velvet Underground after reading that they were a major influence to many of my favorite bands. This song has a raw and energetic sound giving it a garage rock feel. The bass in this song drives the whole song forward with its punchy tone and a rhythm guitar that gives the song such a groovy feeling. This song made me realize how TVU influenced just about every alternative and indie band; the two guitar interplay just screams alt and indie to me. 10/10 would head bang to this song.



Virtue - The Voidz

"Virtue" is the musical equivalent of the dressing room montage from movies. The opening track is one of the most pop sounding and addictive songs that Julian Casablancas’ has written in recent times, making it impossible to not love this song. Some of the songs on this album have made it to my list of favorite songs of all time, and I have been playing them daily. Ranging from pop rock, synth rock, punk rock, metal, and even a hip-hop-esque song, this album has something for everyone which makes it very accessible... unlike their first album. Once you give this album a listen, go listen to their first album which will lead you to Casablancas’ ten-minute masterpiece.



Covers - Bonny Sanchez

I started this playlist as a fun project to relive me of stress due to my school work. It all started by listening to Car Seat Headrest’s version of "This Must Be the Place" by Talking Heads, which happens to be my favorite band. Soon after, I began to compile a list of songs covered by my favorite bands, initially written by some of my favorite bands. Some are faithful adaptations, while others are given a new flare. Also it's fun to see bands geeking out over other bands.