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The Reformation of STEM Education in California

We can’t produce global leaders and innovators if we’re giving them a seriously lacking science education. To remedy this, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were born. The NGSS framework aims to take those necessary skills and add an appreciation for science to them with the hope that they can use that in a future career and in their lives as citizens.

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UPLIFT: the job of the immigrant, the parent, and the teacher

I am a scientist because of my stay-at-home dad.

He’s now a high school chemistry teacher and the chair of his department, but until I was in middle school, Dad spent his days taking me and my younger sisters to parks and science museums, and making learning fun—really fun. I grew up with a curiosity that manifests now as my pursuit of scientific research, and what confidence I have as a student, an athlete, and a young woman comes from those early years running around with Dad.

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