TUNEZ2018: February



Pause Repeat - Django Django

Django Django was recommended to me by a postdoc in my research group who has some super awesome taste in music, and I've deeply fallen in love with all of Django Django's work! This song in particular I played on repeat (I 'paused and repeated hehe') for three days straight one week while I was working in lab, walking to and from work, and pretty much everything I did!



Audio Paradiso - Hoonch

Hoonch I was super proud of myself for discovering just through related music. '101' was the song that really got me excited and I quickly fell in love with their other music (though I wish they had more). There was this one moment in lab I was playing their music and a friend of mine was like 'This is really good!' and inside my heart just melted with musical pride.



Domination Grandeur - Chris Siefe

This is a collection of songs I like to hear when I want to feel empowered and strong and ease my way into feeling good. Sometimes I need this music when I'm upset and want something to make me feel like I have power in this crazy world, sometimes I need this music when I'm happy and just want to coast that feeling with some upbeat, passionate music.



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