Tunez2018: January



Escape Artist - The Zolas

I don't know how I stumbled across The Zolas, but I haven't been able to set them down. This indie rock band's vibe and subject matter are both so versatile it almost threw me off, but I've decided I like them for it. Escape Artist is a complete earworm, and Molotov Girls is my new go-to when I need to get HYPED to go out. I recommend checking out their entire discology and finding the kernel of gold that resonates with you.



How To Be A Human Being - Glass Animals

I asked a friend of mine to jumpstart my music last quarter, and he recommended this album, starting with Agnes. I haven't been able to extricate myself from it since then. Simultaneously joyous, bitter, ironic, witty, dreamy--and catchy as all hell--it manages to fit every mood (or moody 'gram). Thanks, Camden.



For the Last Time. - Rachel Alvelais

If you know me, you know I love to make playlists for every occasion, mood, and time of my life. I may not be in that panicked, nostalgic "spring semester senior" mood, but ever since I got back in Fall I've felt it creeping upon me. Here's that F17 playlist to capture the dying days of summer, maniacal nights and dreamy afternoons coming to an end.



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