Our Mission


Break Stereotypes

Composite was founded to combat the stereotypes the world has about scientistsstereotypes that we believe keep many people from liking, trusting, or wanting to become scientists themselves. Composite will show the world that scientists are human beings with diverse passions and talents, not antisocial, overly technical, unartistic, and unfun.



Increase REpresentation

Pop scientists and science columnists in the news do not represent the diversity of the modern scientific community. For women and people of color, or even just students who aren’t straight-A prodigious inventors, that can make you feel like you don’t belong. Composite presents a more accurate picture of the people who conduct science by featuring scientists from diverse cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds.



create solidarity

It can be difficult to find a mentor who has already been through the difficult situations you may face today. How many times have you heard firsthand the story of a female professor who has faced self-doubt and felt unheard in her male-dominated department? Why and how someone might switch PhD advisors? Composite wants scientists to hear that they aren't alone in their experiences by encouraging discussion around topics that are often ignored or left unspoken. In our pages, scientists tell their own stories and gives them a platform to talk about the issues that are important to them.